Learn how The New England Center for Children, where Darryl Agostinelli serves as Chief Technology Officer, is creating a global network of educators, researchers and programs so that those living with autism may live fuller lives.


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Darryl T. Agostinelli

Chief Technology Officer, New England Center for Children

Based in Austin, Texas

Darryl works as a programmer. He can build desktop, web, and mobile applications, firmware, distributed computing solutions and data warehousing solutions. Darryl can often fix or rescue seriously failing projects. When it all hits the fan, who do you call?

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New England Center for Children

The New England Center for Children (NECC) offers comprehensive autism services, partnering with schools and providing specialized curriculum software. Through the John and Diane Kim Autism Institute, NECC conducts pivotal research, influencing the globally-used ACE® ABA Software System. The team boasts over 180 BCBAs, 300 Master's educators, and 18 PhD clinicians, dedicated to enhancing autistic children's lives. Learn more about my work here:

Saggio Technologies

We are a group of creative problem solvers... Saggio Technologies is staffed with a like-minded cadre of consultants. We have left bigger consultancies to pursue a different consulting method. It’s a method that doesn’t begin with a cookie cutter and end with unneeded technologies. Our exceptional team is more concerned with real value over form. With extensive experience and an adaptive mindset, we have been helping clients solve complex problems and continuously evolve company technology to exceed business goals since 2002. Learn more about my company here:

Philosophy Of Programming

Programmers emulate reality in a computer... The Philosophy of Programming is a project designed to improve how you approach programming by exposing you to philosophical ideas that are relevant to programming. Programming is an art, it's also a science and being both makes it a craft. Getting it right might mean that your programs actually get used, rarely replaced, and are extended by other programmers who do so willingly. Learn more about my Philosophy of Programming here: