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Darryl T. Agostinelli

Side Projects

last updated: Sun Dec 08, 2019, 16:04:39

Darryl thinks that working on side-projects are an excellent way to advance the career. All the extra hours of practice, outside of work stuff has made a significant difference.

Here are some of Darryl's public side projects: (There are also many non-public side-projects that Darryl would prefer to never see the light of day!)

  • Darryl is the the official maintainer of the Fedora Games Lab Fedora Games Lab

    The Games "spin" is a specialized distribution of Fedora Linux designed to expose children and young people to Linux as well as to show that Linux is a viable gaming platform

    Darryl is responsible for ensuring that every game is ready on time for the Fedora release schedule. Darryl monitors the status of the games and where appropriate, Darryl personally repairs the games or works with their maintainers.

    See the official Wiki page here

  • Hypatia Math Library Hypatia is a graphics library useful for 2D/3D video games. It contains the C code for a 2D and 3D matrix, quaternions and vectors.

  • Contributed to the Linux kernel

  • Worked up to task 16 out of 20 of the Eudyptula Challenge before it was closed

  • Presto Palette An artist's tool for creating harmonious color palettes. This was co-authored with a friend, John Cboins , who is a talented computer artist.

    PrestoPalette was also mentioned in some internet publications: - Press Reader - Fedora Magazine - Sick Gaming

    Presto Palette

  • Spoonbill (Work in progress) is a static web site generator. This web site was built with it. As well as a few others in Darryl's sphere of influence.


  • A WebGL simulation of a space scene. Implemented using procedural generation.


  • A WebGL simulation of snow falling. Implemented as a particle system.


  • This is a site Darryl helped build for a friend. John is a video game artist and this is mainly for him to announce himself to his personal network. Be sure to view the site on a desktop computer, not a phone. The website uses some kooky CSS-3D special effects. Darryl had fun building this for John.

    John Cboins

  • Philosophy of Programming (Work in progress) This is a long time passion project of Darryl's. He have finally pulled the trigger and got it going. The site is raw. Keep coming back to it over the next few months to see it go. What is it? It's a way for Darryl to disseminate his programming style. Through this, he can teach as well as build community at the same time.

  • You can find more in Darryl's public GitHub profile