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Darryl T. Agostinelli

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last updated: Wed Apr 05, 2017

First time here?

Working with me is easy. Just contact me to schedule an initial appointment.

Most asked question: "I don't have to talk to you first?" Answer: That's right. That's why I called it an initial appointment . Schedule away!

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+1 (512) 585-3246

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PO Box 42
Cedar Park, TX 78630

What can I expect when I contact Darryl?

On our first call, I would like to briefly hear about your project or need. The goal of this first chat is to set an appointment for a longer 1 hour discussion (free). I'll probably ask you to email me any samples, details, materials that support your project or need. Let's not talk about fees or timelines in that 15 min first chat. Let's save that for our 1-hour chat later on.

If your project requires some form of secrecy or discretion, I am willing to sign an NDA eventually, but not immediately. Please be prepared to discuss your project in the 1-hour chat in non-secret terms. An NDA can be arranged once we move beyond initial conversations.

All private sector contracts will be routed through my company Saggio Technologies . If you are a Texas state agency, see below.

Are you a Texas state agency?

For State of Texas work, I operate through Dynamic Computing Services a HUB vendor on the DIR list. You may contact DCS directly and ask for me, or call me directly and indicate that you are a Texas state agency.

Are you an existing client?

Hi Clients! If you'd like to schedule an appointment with me, you may use this page to find a time that works for you. Or just call / email / text me as usual.