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Darryl T. Agostinelli

What I'm Doing Now

last updated: Fri Feb 15 15:30:13 2019

Welcome to my Now page

I'm working several project for clients. I have some private and public sector clients. I usually have multiple going at once and right now is no exception.

Saggio Technologies , my company, has hired a new employee this year. It's been fun working with him so far and getting him acquainted with how the business works. I'm hoping that the company can hire a few more folks in 2019.

I'm actively working on a new web site called The Philosophy of Programming . The site is a realization of a dream. I'm giving away free subscriptions right now in order to build up the community. If you are interested, go visit the site. Then click here: Be one of first 25 people to join this new site! - Yes! Sign me up for FREE

I'm passively drafting a new book about software maintenance costs . I'm taking the brave step of writing it in the open on the internet on GitHub. I'm inviting you to read it as I write it and also to commment on it. I have hosted the site and the code on GitHub where you can read it, comment on it and help me as I write it

Cartoon of Darryl T. Agostinelli

I am now in my 4th year teaching the middle and high school computer elective at Sterling Classical School . This really is the highlight of my week. It provides me with a break from my regular programming work for clients each week and affords me an opportunity to teach the youth. In additionl, each year I always seem to have 1 or 2 or 3 students with a very high degree of passion and aptitude for programming. I end up filling a mentorship role for them. I remember myself at those ages trying to find my way and I hope to be one of the many guideposts for them along the way. Formally, I teach them pure C. The advanced students also end up learning C++, Python and Javascript, applied math, linear algebra, fractals, data structures and more.

Outside of work, I'm enjoying:

  • Being a Cubscout Den Leader for my son and his friends. I hope to see them cross over to full boy scouts eventually and then asist their new Scoutmaster.
  • Playing games and reading books every day with my younger daughter
  • Exploring fun activities with my older daughter (like sailing, art, games, biking, hiking, and more)
  • Driving a truck for Mobile Loaves and Fishes , to help provide humanitarian aid to the homeless and the working poor in my area.

I borrowed the slick idea for this Now page from Josh Kaufman who apparently borrowed it from Derek Sivers .