What I'm Doing Now

(This is a Now page. If you have a personal web site, you should make one too)

Work Stuff

There are several other projects going on, but I'll spare you because it won't be interesting unless you are involved directly. Here are three interesting ones. The new data portal for the Texas BRB is complete. Check it out. Look up your city, county or school district! The website upgrade for the Texas PRB is almost complete. That one is getting a face-lift.

We're still chipping away at The Manshirt Store . The company imports men's undershirts from Central America. For too long, I was personally dealing with the frustrating problem of undershirts coming untucked. God made me a little longer in the torso. If you have that tucking issue too, come see the shirts. They are cut longer and they stay tucked.

Hobby Stuff

I'm still chipping away at my hobby project written in straight C. I'll announce it when the web site doesn't look like 1991 anymore.

Community Stuff

Hedge Wars had to be disabled in the F33 release of the Fedora Linux Games Spin. (I'm the maintainer of the spin) due to some problems with the upstream code. It doesn't look like they are going to get that fixed soon enough for F33. So, Hedge Wars will have to sit that out. Unfortunate.

Boy Scouts and Mobile Loaves and Fishes are still my voluneer organizations of choice. To the extent that I can continue to help these organizations with C19 lurking around, I am doing so.

Cartoon of Darryl T. Agostinelli

I borrowed the slick idea for this Now page from Josh Kaufman who apparently borrowed it from Derek Sivers .