Systems Down

Are you having a "down condition" right now?

All active clients know that they can contact Darryl at a moment's notice when they are experiencing a major outage. Darryl will drop what he is doing and help you. All long time clients have seen Darryl jump up and leave for another client when that happened. You can count on Darryl when this happens to you.

Contact Darryl by Phone and Email Immediately

+1 (512) 585-3246

Send a text, send an email and call. One of these mechanisms will get through to Darryl. It may not be immediate, but it will be quick.

What if I am not an active client?

Darryl still may be able to help you.

What you need to do is call, text and email him. Explain the situation. You must offer to hire him through his company Saggio Technologies. You will be asked to pay a fee for the effort. Without an active contract, the price will be ala carte. Texas state agencies have to hire Darryl through DCS, a DIR approved vendor.

What is a "down condition"?

This emergency is different for everyone. Maybe your valuable staff unable to work and costs are mounting. Customers cannot login and you are losing business. Maybe a Class 1 critical system (like all inbound email) is down. Maybe your primary sever crashed. Maybe your major rollout is about to be ruined that you spent so much time preparing for.

Darryl's Pledge to You

If you are experiencing a down condition, where you cannot work, your business is losing money or losing major productivity and you need Darryl to drop what he's doing to come help you, he will. Darryl does this for all of his clients. Darryl can come into your office, talk to you over the phone or Zoom or Skype. Darryl can establish a remote desktop session. You choose.