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Darryl T. Agostinelli

Side Projects

last updated: Fri Nov 16 02:16:06 2018

Darryl thinks that working on side-projects are an excellent way to advance your career. All the extra hours of practice, outside of the stuff the clients give him, is how he's been able to advance his knowledge.

Here are some of Darryl's public side projects: (There are tons of non-public side projects that Darryl would prefer to never see the light of day)

Open-Source Software

Open-Source Book


  • This is a site I helped build for a friend. He's an artist and this is mainly for his artist friends. Look at it on a desktop. The homepage has a little bit of kooky CSS-3D special effects on it. I had fun building this for John.

  • Philosophy Community (working title) This is a long time passion project of mine. I have finally pulled the trigger and got it going. The site is raw. Keep coming back to it over the next few months to see it go. What is it? It's a way for me to disseminate my programming style. Through this, I can teach as well as build community at the same time.