Software Contractor

Darryl T. Agostinelli

Skills Summary

last updated: Mon Jun 12, 2017

The following is a list of some technologies and related skills that Darryl has experience with. They are in no particular order. As long as it already is, this is only a subset. Ask Darryl if your technology is not listed.

Full Stack Web Development

Javascript React / Reflux
Webpack / Gulp / Grunt node.js
Python / Flask / Django C# / ASP.NET / WebAPI
SPAs (Single Page Applications) SEO
IIS / nginx / Apache Foundation
jQuery Google API's
OAuth Jasmine tests

.NET Desktop / Web and Backend Stacks

C# Jenkins / Bamboo
MSBuild Windows
Visual Studio Xamarin
WPF / Winforms ASP.NET MVC / WebAPI / REST
Team Foundation Server Scheduled Tasks
SOLID Principles Notepad++
SDLC / Waterfall Batch Scripting
Agile / Scrum / XP WScript / JScript / cscript
Microsoft SQL Server (6.0 to present) Git / Svn / CVS/ VSS / TFS/ Perforce

Python Web and Ops Scripting Stacks

Python 2.x / 3.x files
Flask Django
Python Extensions in C Python FFI
uWSGI pyODBC / psycopg
Jupyter numpy/scipy
PostgreSQL MariaDB / MySQL
pip virtualenv / pipsi
Python Unit Tests Python Socket Programming
Task Automation Data Curation / Cleansing

DevOps Skills

Docker Jenkins
MSBuild / Makefile / CMake Windows / Linux / Mac
Visual Studio XCode
Qt Creator / KDevelop Cross-Platform Development
Team Foundation Server Cron jobs / Scheduled Tasks
vi / vim Notepad++ / Notepadqq
Travis CI Browserify / Gulp / Grunt / Webpack
BitBucket / GitHub Bash Scripts
AppVeyor Batch Scripting
Python WScript / JScript / cscript
Bamboo Git / Svn / CVS/ VSS / TFS/ Perforce
Obfuscation Installers (MSI, NSI, RPM, .tar.gz, etc)

Vintage Microsoft Technology

Still actively in-use, in certain cases, for real clients today!

edlin / EDIT.EXE Visual Basic for Applications
Microsoft MTS Microsoft Access (still current as recent as 2017!)
ADO Microsoft Excel VBA / Macros and Formulas
ASP.OLD / ASP Classic VB 6
Web Forms Windows Batch file programming
DirectX 3 / 5 MFC / Win32 / Message Loop

Low Level Programming / Math / Advanced Programming Skills

Darryl loves this work the most but gets hired for it the least. Hire him for this if you have it!

C and C++ gcc and clang
Linux Kernel Modules Linux kobjects / jiffies
Linux sysfs / debugfs Linux char / misc devices
Performance Optimization Coroutines
libevent / libuv Direct ASIO (epoll, select, kqueue, IOCP)
Thread and Processes Optimization Raw Sockets / Pipes
setjmp / longjmp Virtual Memory
Serial Programming (USB, RS232, TCP) Serial Protocol Design
Garbage Collectors Heap Fragmentation Avoidance
Stack Length Optimization Procedurally Generated Data
Cyclomatic Complexity Machine Vision
Sobel Edge Detection Graham Scan
PCM filters (High-pass / Low-pass) Fractals
AVL Trees (hand coded, performant) / RB Trees k-d trees / BSP / Quad-trees / Oct-trees
Linear Algebra Statistics
Trigonometry OpenGL
Physics Engines (Box 2D / Chipmunk / Bullet) Shaders
Entity Component Systems Unity

Low Voltage Electronics

Digital and Analog Multimeters Digital Counters
Soldering Elementary Digital Circuits
NO/NC Relays AC/DC converters, line conditioners
Basic Transistor Theory Electromagnets
Switches Grounding