Skills Summary

last updated: June 12, 2017

The following is a list of some technologies and related skills that Darryl has experience with. They are in no particular order. As long as it already is, this is only a subset. Ask Darryl if your technology is not listed.

Full Stack Web Development

JavascriptReact / Reflux
Webpack / Gulp / Gruntnode.js
Python / Flask / DjangoC# / ASP.NET / WebAPI
SPAs (Single Page Applications)SEO
IIS / nginx / ApacheFoundation
jQueryGoogle API's
OAuthJasmine tests

.NET Desktop / Web and Backend Stacks

C#Jenkins / Bamboo
Visual StudioXamarin
Team Foundation ServerScheduled Tasks
SOLID PrinciplesNotepad++
SDLC / WaterfallBatch Scripting
Agile / Scrum / XPWScript / JScript / cscript
Microsoft SQL Server (6.0 to present)Git / Svn / CVS/ VSS / TFS/ Perforce

Python Web and Ops Scripting Stacks

Python 2.x / files
Python Extensions in CPython FFI
uWSGIpyODBC / psycopg
PostgreSQLMariaDB / MySQL
pipvirtualenv / pipsi
Python Unit TestsPython Socket Programming
Task AutomationData Curation / Cleansing

Vintage Microsoft Technology

Still actively in-use, in certain cases, for real clients today!
edlin / EDIT.EXEVisual Basic for Applications
Microsoft MTSMicrosoft Access (still current as recent as 2018!)
ADOMicrosoft Excel VBA / Macros and Formulas
ASP.OLD / ASP ClassicVB 6
Web FormsWindows Batch file programming
DirectX 3 / 5MFC / Win32 / Message Loop

Low Level Programming / Math / Advanced Programming Skills

Darryl loves this work the most but gets hired for it the least. Hire him for this if you have it!
C and C++gcc and clang
Linux Kernel ModulesLinux kobjects / jiffies
Linux sysfs / debugfsLinux char / misc devices
Performance OptimizationCoroutines
libevent / libuvDirect ASIO (epoll, select, kqueue, IOCP)
Thread and Processes OptimizationRaw Sockets / Pipes
setjmp / longjmpVirtual Memory
Serial Programming (USB, RS232, TCP)Serial Protocol Design
Garbage CollectorsHeap Fragmentation Avoidance
Stack Length OptimizationProcedurally Generated Data
Cyclomatic ComplexityMachine Vision
Sobel Edge DetectionGraham Scan
PCM filters (High-pass / Low-pass)Fractals
AVL Trees (hand coded, performant) / RB Treesk-d trees / BSP / Quad-trees / Oct-trees
Linear AlgebraStatistics
Physics Engines (Box 2D / Chipmunk / Bullet)Shaders
Entity Component SystemsUnity

Low Voltage Electronics

Digital and Analog MultimetersDigital Counters
SolderingElementary Digital Circuits
NO/NC RelaysAC/DC converters, line conditioners
Basic Transistor TheoryElectromagnets
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